• Ministry of Health: Smoking Prevention
  • CNPTSpanish Committee for Tobacco Prevention. Organization that groups the movement tobacco prevention in Spain.
  • ENSPEuropean Network for Smoking Prevention
  • SEDETSpanish Society of tobacco Specialists. Groups all professionals with interest in the control, prevention and treatment of smoking.
  • XQNS! – ¡Porque nosotros sí! (Because we do!) Citizen action for Health and the Advancement of tobacco law. Evolution of «XQNN? -why us not? «
  • ASHAction on Smoking and Health. British Association.
  • Fundación Mas que ideas (Foundation More than Ideas)
  • #NonSmokingChallenge – The Ministry of Health, Social services and equality has launched the campaign «You are the generation of challenges, and the only one that can end tobacco» #NonSmokingChallenge, an initiative that aims to prevent the onset of tobacco use and Encourage his abandonment in young people.
  • AECCSpanish Association Against Cancer. 50 years in the fight against cancer.
  • Fundación del corazón – tobacco section
  • Dejar de Fumar ¡YA! – Information, methods and benefits of quitting tobacco. Also in https://www.facebook.com/dejodefumarya/
  • Fundación del corazón (Heart Foundation)- Sección Tabaco
  • Smoke-free Partnership: partnership between the Belgian Foundation against cancer, Cancer Research UK, the Dutch Cancer Society and the Norwegian Cancer Society with the European Heart Network, Action on Smoking and Health (UK), and La Ligue contre le Cancer as Associate Partners. They aim to promote tobacco control advocacy and policy research at EU and national levels in collaboration with other EU health organisations and EU tobacco control networks.
  • ICO-WHO Symposium on Tobacco Control 2018 – Fourth ICO-WHO Symposium on Tobacco Control.
  • Mi Vida sin TiMy Life Without You – The decision to quit smoking is individual and autonomous. The protagonist is the person. Health professionals are secondary actors. We will be happy to intervene if required. This is the origin of the birth of this initiative My life without You: you can live without tobacco and tobacco can live without you.
  • No-smokersSmokeFree
    Asociación americana por los derechos del no fumador
  • Campaing: Make all Spanish beaches smoke-free – Sign this petition to urge the Minister of Health, to initiate the process of a preliminary anti-tobacco bill that would include converting Spanish beaches into smoke-free environments!
  • Campaign: Make all vehicles smoke-free spaces – Sign the petition to urge the Minister of Health, to assess the process of a draft law that would represent an advancement in tobacco prevention in Spain by turning vehicles into smoke-free spaces.
  • SANATAndalusian Society for the Approach of Smoking.
    Association of professionals and non-professionals working in the prevention, control and treatment of smoking
  • SITABSocietà scientifica per lo studio del Tabacco, del Tabagismo e delle patologie Fumo-correlate
    Italian Scientific Society for the Study of Tobacco, Smoking and Related-Smoking Pathologies
  • Smoke Free Movies
  • Truth Initiative – Dedicated to achieving a culture where all young people and young adults reject tobacco.